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Easy To Follow Clear Liquid Diet Recipes

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clear liquid diet recipesClear liquid diet recipes can be pretty tricky to prepare because without the right knowledge of what consists a balanced diet, you can end up concocting something that has very little nutritional value. Clear liquid diet recipes are commonly prescribed for individuals who are about to undergo or have already undergone surgery, because liquid does not leave any intestinal obstruction that might interfere with a procedure or diagnosis. Some take to clear liquid diet recipes for faster weight loss, although this should be done with the supervision of a health expert.

Come to think about it, clear liquid diet recipes are basically easy to prepare. This is because it does not require much effort to make clear liquid out of fruit or a vegetable. If you’re considering starting a liquid diet with clear recipes, the most important and basic tool is a juice extractor. The more specialized concoctions can that constitute more than one ingredient can be learned along the way. To know if what you’re taking truly are clear liquid diet recipes, you have only to look at them — you should be able to see through.

Clear Liquid Diet Recipes And Optimal Health

As mentioned, while clear liquid diet recipes are recommended by health experts, they are not really so for daily nutritional purposes. This is why doctors only prescribe clear diets for very specific reasons and under very close monitoring.

Look at this way: if you’re extracting juice from just one or two types of fruit or vegetable, the only nutrients you get are those from those two sources. Take note that not all ingredients are within themselves packed with all the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs to function well. Thus, nutrition experts say that we should have a balanced meal per day, which consists of carbohydrates, proteins, good fat — all coming from various food groups and sources. Majority of clear liquid diet recipes, unless highly specialized, cannot fulfill this daily need.

What Constitutes Clear Liquid Diet Recipes?

There are many types of beverage that can make up a clear liquid diet. Recommended clear juices include those from apple, grap, cranberry, lemons and even fruit punch. Yes, plain water is also included. In fact, some hardcore dieters take to the purely water diet to lose weight; but, again, note that there is zero nutritional value in this procedure and must be under the very strict supervision of a doctor.

Other simple clear liquid diet recipes may also cover clear sodas, like 7Up or Sprite, tea and coffee (that is, minus the cream or milk), and sports drinks, like Gatorade. If you’re looking for something to eat beyond juices of water, you may opt to take “meals,” such as buillion-based soups, consommes, syrups, honey or gelatin. Popsicles, clear hard candies may also be classified as clear liquid diet recipes because they were characterised as clear liquids before they changed their state.

Healthy Clear Liquid Diet Recipes

Here are some of the more popular and highly recommended clear liquid diet recipes you can easy follow at home. They are not exactly purely juices and consist of a combination of ingredients that make for a healthy and filling version of the clear liquid diet recipes most of us are familiar with. These recipes are doctor recommended, although always still take note that you should not adopt these as your daily diet without first consulting a nutritionist.

Chicken Broth Recipe

What You Need

– one-third cup of concentrated chicken broth
– 8 cups of water
– 1 whole piece of onion (chunked)
– 1 head of cabbage (small and chunked)
– 4 stalks of celery (chunked)
– 2 carrots, large (chunked)
– 4 cloves of garlic (finely chopped or smashed)
– 4 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin
– half a cup of barley grain (soaked first for 8 to 12 hours in water)

Gather all the ingredients in one place and heat a soup pan. Add the chicken concentrate the 8 cups of water. Dunk all the other ingredients, except gelatin, in and allow the entire soup to boil. Add the gelatin. Shortly after, lower the heat and let the soup simmer for about 45 minutes. Strain the vegetables and the grain, leaving only the broth. Serve as broth only.

This recipe makes four servings.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

What You Need

– one small head of cabbage, shredded
– two black peppers, crushed
– two small green tomatoes, chopped
– two green peppers (remove seeds and stem)
– four carrots, sliced thinly
– two onions, finely chopped
– 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar
– five celery stalks
– half a cup of beans, sliced (or any other sliced vegetable)
– fresh herbs (your choice), finely chopped

Pre-heat a pan with olive oil and saute the tomatoes for around five minutes. Add the vegetables and onions, while continuously sauteing. Add all the other ingredients. Let them cook lightly. Add around six glasses of water and then let the entire soup boil for about one hour. Strain the vegetables, leaving only the clear soup. Serve the broth only. You may vary the taste by using different types of herbs or varying the vinegar.

Sample Of A Diet Plan With Various Clear Liquid Diet Recipes


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you shouldn’t take this for granted. For starters, you can have a glass of clear fruit juice, a cup of coffee or tea (without milk) and a cup of broth.


Never forget to eat lunch. You can have a filling meal with a glass of fruit juice, plus a glass of water, a cup of clear soup and one bowl of gelatin.


For your last meal of the day, you can have a cup of water of juice, one cup of clear broth, a bowl of gelatin and one cup of coffee or tea.

You may have snacks in between breaktfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Clear liquid diet recipes that make for great snacks are a bowl of gelatin, a glass of fruit juice, a clear soda, an ice pop (without the pulp).

The Pros And Cons Of Clear Liquid Diet Recipes

At first, you may find the thought of having to prepare clear liquid diet recipes uninteresting, but believe it or not, they do serve their purpose very well. Medically speaking, clear liquid diets make sure there is no obstruction in the stomach and the digestive system is not stressed prior to a procedure, while at the same time keeping you feeling filled and hydrated. On the weight loss standpoint, clear liquid diet recipes have proven themselves effective in helping lose the extra weight fast because it forces the body to make do with the little nutrition that comes in.

Once again, when considering clear liquid diet recipes to lose weight, you must subject yourself to the monitoring of a professional. Take note that clear liquid diet recipes are different from full liquid diet recipes, with the latter more likely to bring in more nutrition than the former.

All these said, clear liquid diet recipes are a necessary element for different purposes and have been confirmed to be effective at reaching specific objectives. Whatever your reasons are for choosing clear liquid diet recipes, bear in mind that choosing the type of clear concoctions and recipes can eventually take a toll on your body. Thus, you must seek the help of a doctor before doing so.


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    Thank you for posting this. I have had a lot of medical tests on my digestive system over the past few months. This site helps to lay out a menu plan during what could be a dificult time. Thank you keeping things positive!

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