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Liquid Diet Recipes For Faster Weight Loss

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liquid diet recipesSticking to a weight loss regimen is challenging and this is much more so when your plan involvesĀ liquid diet recipes, which may be high on diet support benefits but, frankly, very low on texture. Liquid diet recipes take the fun out of responsible food consumption by voiding any semblance to crunch, chewiness, gooeyness and other textures your mouth might hope to enjoy while eating less food.

However, when you really think about it, isn’t the point of dieting training your mind and body to respond differently to food so that you consume less and eventually lose weight? This is why a lot of diet mavens have given their all-out support for liquid diet recipes. Looking at the brighter side, these types of recipes are actually a lot easier to swallow, pun intended.

Liquid Diet Recipes Help Lose Weight Faster

Consuming solid food requires chewing; and, being human, we don’t really get to chew everything up into little bits for our stomachs to quickly and more easily digest them. The process of digestion takes about two to fours hours, within which period the body determines which to store and which to eliminate. Because of the amount of time it takes for this to happen, a lot of the necessary nutrients are lost and wasted and a good volume of elements we don’t need get stuck and stay.

Liquid diet recipes ensure that all the good that comes into the body gets distributed at once and evenly, with no waste left to take up residence. It is these unnecessary particles that send signals to our brain and direct it to consume more food (because there is more inside that need to be digested). Ever wonder why the more we eat, the more often we feel hungry? There’s the answer.

Types Of Liquid Diet Recipes

If you’re decided on adopting the liquid diet regimen to lose weight, the smartest second step is to seek the help of a doctor or a nutritionist to make sure that you ARE putting only the good stuff into your body. Remember, because the food is in liquid form, it will be a lot easier for your stomach to process and body to absorb. The ingredients therefore have to be in the right quantities and with the necessary nutrients. It’s not simply putting everything into the blender and drinking up. You are trying to lose weight, but you’ve also got to strike a healthy balance.

Clear Liquid Diet Recipes

A clear liquid diet is as its name suggests. You can see through it. Apple juice is a clear liquid, but when you add pulp to it, it’s no longer so. Doctors commonly prescribe clear liquid diets to patients prior to a surgery so they get the nutrients needed without possibly causing an obstruction when operation time comes.

Recipes for clear liquid diets are a no-brainer as you will only possibly need a juicer or a strainer to extract out of fruits and vegetables. Medical experts also say that eating gelatin and popsicles may be classified under clear liquid diet recipes because they were so in melted form. The one thing you should watch out for in clear liquid diet recipes, however, is that they are usually one-sided when it comes to nutritional benefits, which WILL make you lose weight fast. Just make sure your nutritionist is just a call away or you’re taking dietary supplements.

Full Liquid Diet Recipes

With full liquid diets, you can consume pulp, creamed soup, pudding, even strained meats or grits. A good example of a full liquid diet recipe for weight loss is cabbage soup, which has all the possible nutrients you might need to stay alert but keep the extra pounds off.

Recipe for Cabbage Soup

What You Need:

– 1 head of cabbage (washed and chopped into small pieces, depending how you want it)
– 6 green onions, chopped
– 2 cans of diced tomatoes
– 3 carrots (peeled and sliced thinly)
– 1 pack of mushrooms (slice)
– 2 green bellpeppers (cut into bite size pieces, do not include the seeds)
– 1 soup mix pack (any flavor or if desired)
– bullion cubes (as desired)
– garlic powder
– salt and pepper to taste

Prepare all the ingredients as above. Pre-heat your pot with oil and saute green onion (recommended: olive oil). Add all the vegetables and the bullion, sauteing lightly, then pour in 10 to 12 cups of water. Bring to a boil. When it boils, cover the pot and let simmer on very low heat. You may pour in the soup mix at this time, if you want. Let it simmer again for about 2 hours, and then put in the seasonings. For spice, you may wish to add a dash of cayenne pepper.

Targeted Liquid Diet Recipes For Weight Loss

Health experts who promote that liquid diet regimen to lose weight suggest what they call VLCD, or a very low calorie diet. Be careful not to mistake this type of diet for the protein shakes and other types of meal replacement drinks we see at health food stores. VLCD is a recipe formulated specifically to achieve significant weight loss after weeks of consumption.

These types of liquid diet recipes are normally available only with a doctor’s prescription, which means you cannot just go and make your own and not expect to feel funny. The entire VLCD program should be carefully monitored and those who adopt it are usually asked to not only make a journal of their food intake but also to attend behavioral counselling. Losing weight, indeed, is no easy task.

The Challenge Posed By Liquid Diet Recipes

Liquid diet recipes help us lose weight — and fast. However, the catch is that the body may not get the complete nutritional dose it needs to function well everyday. The first few days or weeks may feel like a walk in the park when you’re on liquid diet recipes, but, over time, your body will start feeling the deficiencies and you will start craving for food textures you haven’t been enjoying for a long time. This is why while health experts suggest liquid diet recipes to help us lose weight quicker, they insist that we take extra precaution, be more responsible and watchful of what we consume and, more importantly, consult with a nutritionist.

Liquid diet recipes work, no doubt; but when unmanaged, could lead to negative results. Ask your doctor about the best liquid diet regimen for you.

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