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Kinds of Liquid Diet Recipes

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People try liquid diet recipes because of the many advantages that come with these. There are liquid diets that are intended to help people who have difficulty or pain swallowing solid foods. These meals are also intended to provide proper nutrition if the patient cannot tolerate other types of food or is suffering from digestive problems. Doctors will often recommend liquid diet recipes before conducting diagnostic procedures to ensure that the results will render very accurate and reliable data. Here is some more information.

About Liquid Diet Recipes

As the name implies, liquid diet recipes are preparations that only involve liquid items. Food and other substances are converted into liquid form to make it easier for the consumer to swallow, digest and tolerate. There are two general kinds of liquid diet namely clear liquid diet and full liquid diet.

The clear liquid diet is composed of lighter and milder ingredients that have a rather clear or transparent appearance. These usually come from water, fruit juices and tea. The full liquid diet is thicker and usually contains more calories. This is often recommended to maintain the nutritional needs of patients even if they have to rely on solid food. Either will be recommended depending on the objectives and response of the person.

Advantages of Liquid Diet Recipes

Liquid diet recipes offer several advantages that promote health and boost immunity. These are great for detoxification. Because of the pure and healthy ingredients usually contained in clear liquid meals, people can flush out toxins, chemicals and other waste products from the body, thereby letting their kidneys and liver rest from the usual items rich in contaminants and preservatives. Second, these are also low in calories so people can effectively lose weight and shed fat by sticking to the diet for a few weeks. Third, liquid diets will render very reliable results whenever patients are diagnosed for certain anomalies and possible diseases. Liquid diets are also useful for people who are trying to maintain muscle or energy but do not have the convenience of eating solid food throughout the day.

Liquid Diet Recipes: A Power Protein Shake

To make liquid diet recipes rich in protein and calories, prepare the following ingredients: 1 banana, 1.5 scoops of vanilla whey protein powder, 1 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of instant oats, 1 cup of water and 1 cup of crushed ice. Put the banana, milk and water in a blender then mix for 2 minutes. Add the oats and whey protein powder then continue blending for 3 minutes or until everything is smooth. Add the crushed ice then blend for 1 minute until you get the right consistency. This drink makes one serving and contains at least 50 grams of protein. It is a convenient and easy smoothie for active people who need the energy and nutrients without having to stop for a full meal.

Liquid Diet Recipes: The Detox Formula

To make liquid diet recipes that will flush out toxins effectively, prepare 1 bag of green tea, 1/8 cup of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of cranberry juice and a celery stalk. Steep the green tea in hot water for 3 minutes before removing the bag. Add the lemon juice and cranberry juice then stir with a spoon. Add the celery stalk to garnish.

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